Certificate available from the enforcement register

Certificate from the enforcement register

You can order a certificate stating the enforcement history of an individual or company from the enforcement authorities. If there are no such entries in the enforcement register, this will be stated on the certificate.

The certificate includes the following information from the two years preceding the date of the request:

  • the names of the applicant and respondent (creditor and debtor), and the date of birth and place of residence of the respondent;
  • the enforcement matter, its pendency, and registration in the passive register;
  • the amount of the creditor’s receivable and the amount remitted to the creditor; and
  • the nature and date of a possible certificate of impediment.

The certificate can be issued for four years if the party requesting it can demonstrate that the information on the certificate is necessary to secure their livelihood or other significant private or public interest.

Everyone is entitled to know who have received certificates of their enforcement history within the last six months. The name, address or domicile, and possible reason for issuing a four-year certificate will thus be recorded of all parties requesting certificates.

No enforcement register certificates are issued of persons under the age of 15.

A certificate from the enforcement register contains useful information when you, for example rent out a flat, sell on credit, lend money, recruit someone or want to prove your own financial standing.

The certificate can be ordered from the electronic enforcement service for €6. You will need the personal identity code or business ID of the subjects of electronically ordered certificates.

You can also order the certificate from the enforcement customer service by telephone or email for €12.00.

Printout issued to interested parties

Debtors and creditors in enforcement matters can request a printout of case management information from the enforcement information system for the past four years, or longer if necessary. The printout contains the matter’s case management information with the exception of personal identity codes, contact details and remittance details. Guarantors and others whose payment liabilities could be affected by the receivable’s payment or expiration also have the right to obtain the printout.

The printout costs €12.00 and can be ordered from the enforcement customer service by telephone or email.

If you are applying for debt restructuring or a comparable procedure, or for the restructuring of guarantee or security liabilities, the printout is free of charge.

Debtor's enforcement matters printout

Debtors can order the printout from the electronic enforcement service free of charge. An electronically ordered printout is free of charge.

Certificate of lack of means without institution of an enforcement matter

Creditors are entitled to receive a certificate of the debtor’s lack of means without filing an application for enforcement. The creditor must be able to demonstrate that they probably have receivables from the debtor in question. The certificate of lack of means indicates that the debtor has been found to lack means in enforcement proceedings during the six months preceding the request, and garnishment or distraint has not been implemented as a result. When requesting a certificate, you must provide your name, receivable and the basis for the receivable, which will be saved in the enforcement information system.

The certificate costs €12.00 and can be ordered from the enforcement customer service.

Published 30.11.2020